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compatibility to the roof surface, test a small section first for proper adhesion. Do not use in drinking water or food systems. WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER: Black Jack® Ultra-Roof 1000, White Siliconized Elastomeric Coating is guaranteed to form a protective coating to your roof, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. - Cool Roof Coatings by Gardner-Gibson Black Jack is a branded elastomeric roof coating by Gardner Gibson. Find helpful resources, how to videos, and information for Black Jack® Black Jack 10 Year White Elastomeric Roof Coating 5 Gallon ... Black jack, 4.75 gallon, ultra-roof 1000, 10 year, white siliconized elastomeric, roof coating, advanced waterproofer, professional formula, helps reduce cooling costs, expands & contracts up to 350%, top quality, highly flexible, white acrylic roof coating, silicone enhanced for increased water resistance, adhesion & life expectancy, resists cracking & peeling, provides highly effective ...

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Another steel shingle replaces 15 year old asphalt roof -… Posted by: Clover Roofing. Category: No Comments. This shingle was deteriorating fast and blowing off like crazy. The homeowner was looking for a product that would last. Enter stone coated steel shingles with a 50 year warranty. Roof Coating Commercial Roofing | Detroit, Michigan A&Z Commercial Roofing (located in Farmington Hills, Michigan) roof coating commercial roofing systems.Yes, A&Z Roofing does Roof Coating Repairs!Reduces surface temperatures on metal roofs by as much as 50 degrees and interior temperatures by as much as 15 degrees. What are Reflective Roof Coatings? Reflective roof coatings, also known as albedo coatings, are products applied to roofs to reduce solar heat, especially in areas with hot, sunny weather for a good part of the year.Because UV rays age a roof considerably, the use of reflective coatings can extend the roof's life by up to 15 years. Black jack roof | Safe gambling online

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Flat Roof Repairs-How to fix a leaky Roof-Roofing Repairing ... Feb 3, 2018 ... ... Gardner Flexx-Bond Rubberized Roof Coating and MB Adhesive; BLACKJACK 4.75-Gallon Fibered Waterproofer Roof Sealant ... Step 2 – Find out how old the roof is – EPDM, TPO do not last much longer than 15 years.

withstand the shrinkage stresses that occur after the application of any coating. The usual age limit for roofs to be coated is 7 to 10 years, but this varies with condition of the roofing. Note: Asphalt-based coatings form a water soluble residue as they weather. In areas without regular rainfall, the roof

SDS & Data Sheets – Gardner Coatings Gardner® 5g Non-Fibered Foundation & Roof Coating: Liquid Damp-proof Seal 0171-GA Gardner® 1g Flexx-Gard™ Rubberized Premium Fibered Asphalt Roof & Foundation Coating Roof Coatings @ Kool Seal Elastomeric 7 Year 5-Gallon Gardner Sta-Kool 800 White Ceramic Elastomeric Roof Coating 15 Yr Follow. Like on Facebook.

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Rust-Oleum® 15-Year fibered aluminum roof coating is a metallic pigmented coating used for rust-proofing and weatherproofing metal roofs and sidewalls and as a reflective coating for built-up roofing and modified bitumen roof systems. Rust-Oleum® 15-Year fibered aluminum roof coating reflects heat, prevents corrosion and protects against mild acid and alkali fumes on a variety of substrates ... White Elastomeric Roof Coatings – Gardner Coatings

Armor Roof Coat is four times less Permeable than Liquid Roof and multiple times better than the rest. Simply put, it means Armor Roof Coat is far superior at preventing water and moisture transmission through your roof! Some roof coatings have ratings that are barely below the threshold where moisture will penetrate them. Black Jack Gloss Black Patching Cement All-Weather Roof ... Black Jack® All-Weather Roof Cement is a pliable asphalt roof cement that can be used on damp as well as dry surfaces. All-Weather Cement is ideal for many roof repairs and for stopping roof leaks around vent pipes, spouts, valleys, skylights, gutters and chimneys.